Concept of earning and spending money. Dice form the word "earn" placed on stacks of coins

Earning On Webtalk 

Earn more from pros

During the bata stages of Webtalk, the vast majority of what you can earn will come from the pro subscriptions of your referrals.

There are so many members that would and will upgrade if they understand what benefits upgrading gives them, with that said, below you will find many pre-made posts that are designed to help you educate your following on the benefits of upgrading.

These are an awesome way to simply share once or twice per week to follow up with your referrals, I do not recommend any more than once or twice per week as you also want to provide value within your niche to be able to grow.  

Note: staying consistent is the key, most sales are made between the 7th and 13th contact!

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