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Heiner Höving

Work is not everything in life, leisure time is also part of a successful life! This picture shows it - no thick luxury limousines, no palaces, no South Seas - I enjoy my life and my success (mostly) in my Hungarian homeland.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why my business partners and customers have always been happy to recommend me, because for me the satisfaction of my customers and partners was and is in the foreground!

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Welcome to Team HH!

We from Team HH want to help you to earn money on the internet in simple steps. You may answer now that this is exactly what many other teams, people and websites promise. Correct! We know that. And that's why we are here, so you can experience the difference for yourself. We don't propose a new business every month, which is "the best business ever" for you. We are and remain constant and


have been for years! Several thousand partners can confirm this.

Yes, we have changed our focus, taken down businesses from this page. This does not mean that these businesses are unsuccessful, bad or to be viewed critically. No, some businesses need more time to develop, others are so explanation-intensive that they go beyond the scope of a website and can be better presented in a video series.

Here we want to show you what you can do to be successful immediately and earn money in a short time. Our main focus is on organic coffee and organic tea - because everybody knows coffee and tea, coffee and tea do not know crises! Therefore you get an easily duplicable possibility to earn money, from our point of view much better than with products or services that need a lot of explanation.

Ground Coffee

With a global market volume of over 380 billion euros in 2019, coffee is the second most important drink after water, and we drink over half a trillion cups of it every year. The European coffee market is worth around 100 billion euros and we Europeans spend over 110 euros a year on coffee per capita - and the trend is rising. 

Our unique "business through pleasure model" offers you a tasteful opportunity for a bright and independent future. We are a team of ambitious and committed professionals with many years of experience in coffee production, in the development and development of new brands as well as in online and recommendation marketing

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