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Meet The
Webtalk Legends

Webtalk will be huge, Webtalk Legends is here to help you become huge with it.

Ever since I joined Webtalk, I found myself asking the same question over and over, "how can I help more people succeed here?"


The end result of asking myself this question repeatedly was Webtalk Legends

Scott Gerrard
CEO Webtalk Legends

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Webtalk Legends StartUp Investors

Here you will find a list of true Webtalk Legends that made this all possible, it is from their vision, trust and start up investment from either time or money that allowed this project to begin!


First To Believe

Webtalk Legends Team

Here you will find the Webtalk Legends Team, these are the members that are highly involved with creating content, organising events, social media management and much more!

Legends Crypto Specialist

Facebook Content Creation 

If you like what we are doing, every donation helps

Give Thanks

We want to increase the value we put out, that is why we are also open for donations, every little bit you can give helps no matter how small