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Joanna Benjamin

This too shall pass!!



Because everyone deserves a vacation! 

JOANNA'S JOYFUL JOURNEYS provides travelers with a way to make their travel dreams a reality by offering the best prices for family vacations, cruises, resorts, and hotels. AFFORDABILITY, BEAUTY & VALUE are synonymous with J3 - JOANNA'S JOYFUL JOURNEYS

Joanna's Joyful Journeys has EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO TRAVEL! You can book resort & hotel stays, car rentals, flights, sightseeing tours, buy discounted tickets to Las Vegas shows, concerts, and so much more. There's even a Visa and Passport service that you can utilize!! (We do not deal with immigration documentation).

You can view videos, check for promotions, and you can even view, download, and share brochures of your chosen destinations.


More about me

I'm a Veteran Teacher of 16 years and now work part-time as an Educational Director.


As a Travel Specialist, I have my own home-based travel service that I established in June 2017. As an Affiliate Marketer, Global opportunities are my marketing niche - I like helping others and with my free opportunities, everyone around the world can earn money.


I've helped many others earn and showed them strategies and better techniques for marketing and advertising - many have called me their Mentor.

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