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Coming soon!

Learn with Legends is a site that we are currently working on.

As you are aware Webtalk Legends generates revenue, this is through Adsense, Patreon, soon-to-be YouTube, and much more.

Webtalk Legends has grown over time with your support and is still growing at an ever-increasing rapid pace.


Webtalk Legends has never been about taking and never will be, we always like to give as much as we possibly can, with that said...


 We grow together, why not earn together?

learn with legends-01.png

Learn with legends is for that... We are creating a way for us to share our revenue with you, this will be a separate platform that works hand in hand with Webtalk Legends.

By becoming a member of this platform you will instantly begin receiving a share of all the revenue streams Webtalk Legends has created.

You will also have access to live Zooms with the Legends, Live Webtalk Training, Live training on how you can receive even more of our revenue, and much much more!!!

Building a platform designed to separate our revenue with everyone, in a way that allows all users to increase the amount shared with them, is time-consuming and costly.

Because of this, our predicted launch date for this platform is in July to our Patreon supporters and September to the world.

The funding to build such a platform is coming from the support of our patrons, so by becoming a Patreon to get behind us and what we are creating, you will also receive...

Updates on the progress as we are creating, access to a live zoom every two weeks, that allows you to get involved and add input and ideas, featured on our wall of legends designed to help you grow faster with us, and access to the platform early so you will be able to earn more straight from the start and more...

If you are a true supporter and would like to see  behind the scenes you can join our Patreon here: 

You can also support us and speed the process of what we are creating for all, by sharing Webtalk Legends, subscribing to our YouTube channel, joining our Patreon, and staying actively engaged with our updates 

Together We Rise

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