Learn with legends team landing page


 Team Landing page


The team link created by Legends Links is created so that it grows everyone in the Learn With Legends platform, better yet it is built on a monetized site so that anyone that is using this link to promote is also increasing add revenue that increases the total pool for all LWL Users 



 Current Services Offered from Legends Links

  • 100% personalized page, for a 1-time fee of $200 USD, or...

  • A personalized page, with our header and footer 1-time fee of $150 USD


Learn With Legends Lander

  • ​ Duplicate $25 USD

Added services:

  • Later edits, $50 USD

  • Remove header and footer $50 USD

Your page link will be:


Stack Of Coins In Front Of Blackboard Showing Landing Page Concept.jpg

Road Map


October 2022

Our goal is to reach by October is to sell 20 duplicate pages of LWL, at this stage, we expect to have a decent amount of exposure that will help us to spread


We pay LWL 80% of the revenue leaving us 20% that will be saved from each created page, as well as 20% of our ad revenue generated.


January 2023

By this stage, we will have saved and raised enough capital to begin working on development turning the platform into something more advanced, and offer monthly subscriptions, starting from a free subscription up to a $50 per month subscription.


Due to the upgrading of the platform that already has members promoting with their personal pages, once Learn with Legends adds the free subscriptions I predict a huge explosion in growth.

Level Up

July 2023

Between now and July 2023, we are on the lookout for team members with skills suitable to run, manage, and build the online services, Legends Links will be a separate entity, a registered company with its own team managing it.


Members that have proven to stay active in the LWL premium section, take action by supporting and staying consistent, etc. they will be offered full-time careers that will be very rewarding, This is the date we plan to begin recruiting for Legends links.


With a great self-growing platform and an amazing team, all that needs to be said now is, "it is time to dominate"