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Goal Setting For Success


Lesson 1

We will discuss THE IMPORTANCE OF GOALS Define what goals are The benefits of using goals The different types of goals


Lesson 2

We will discuss Setting goals that are achievable and setting Goals that we are passionate about Creating goals that are specific Talk about the power of setting deadlines The power of keeping a positive mental attitude as obstacles arise & much more


Lesson 3

We will discuss Why you should write your goals down The benefits of doing so Why a written goal is powerful And finally i will take you through a goal-setting exercise, You will need pen/paper & a quiet place to Work on your goals


Lesson 4

We are going to talk about Visualization and simple ways you can start using visualization to help You achieve your goals The power of vision boards and the different ways you can create one And finally i will take you through the vision board creative process. You will need an account in canva in order to follow along with me


Lesson 5

We will talk about Self belief Why it's so important to believe in yourself Simple ways you can start to believe in yourself And how to cultivate a more positive mental attitude.


Tools & Resources 


Join pixabay and get access to free images and graphic for your vision board


Join pexels get access to thousands of free images and video footage for your vision board


Join canva free to create your vision board


Images to download and print out to better your success with this course

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