Mary Catherine Francese

Hello! Thanks for stopping in! My name is Mary! I am a mom of 2 amazing boys! I work from home, which helps give me more one on one time with my children and my family. 

I love working one on one with others, as well as a group to strive for each of our goals!


I am dedicated to helping everyone, and showing how to grow together as a team! I think teamwork is so important when it comes to success! Working Together, we can accomplish everything! “There is no I in Team”!!


JN Jewelry 

“Nothing is more expensive than a

missed opportunity!”

I am so blessed to be a part of JN Jewelry. It has been so life-changing for me!


I also knew eventually I wanted to collaborate JN with another company because the beautiful thing about JN is you can still work with other companies! Which is one of the reasons I didn’t hesitate to jump on board.


I will never ever leave JN, as JN has so much of my heart, instead, I will build and add to it.


Best Effect

Why Join Us?

With us, you don't need any previous experience. It doesn't matter what industry you come from, you can build a whole new phase of life for yourself.


You have the chance to achieve your dreams if you are willing to work hard, determined, and with faith in yourself. Because we believe in everyone who joins our family.


Benefit from the 100% natural ingredients in our products. best effect products are all laboratory tested and are subject to the strictest controls.