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Did you catch our first Podcast for 2022?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The experience with a podcast is always better live, but if you have missed it you can watch the replay here.

Webtalk Legends Podcast, episode 1, Our Guest Daniel Todd with host Shawn Ziem

Daniel Todd is a great Artists, in this podcast he shares parts of his journey to become who he is today. There was a lot to take away from this interview especially if you are a solo artist wishing to get your music out there.

This podcast has so much value from the very beginning all the way through till the end, I hope you enjoy it!

Up next we have another amazing guest Deeana Garcia

Webtalk Legends Podcast, episode 2, Our Guest Deeana Creates with host Shawn Ziem

Be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification so you can watch it live, I am looking forward to this one so you can bet on it that I will be there!

If you would like to share your dreams, goals, passions, don't be afraid to connect with our host Shawn Ziem on Webtalk, you can simply click on his name.

Thank you all for your ever-lasting support and I hope you are getting value and enjoying our content as much as we enjoy creating for you!

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