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Have you gone Viiral yet?

Introducing viiral legends

Over the last few years on Webtalk two of the most popular questions I get asked are, "how can I get more followers?" or "how can I get more referrals?"

The answer to this is simple, work hard on developing your craft and be consistent with what you do, unfortunately, most do not want the answer but instead, they want a shortcut. so I have been in hiding for a while to build just that and we all it Viiral Legends

Viiral Legends is a platform very similar to Instagram, with many features developed and many more in the works, but one of the most unique features we have built on this platform is a referral program.

This referral program is not one to earn but instead, it is one to grow, after all, Webtalk already has the earning aspect, we just need more referrals.

With that said I ask you if I could show you a simple way to get 100,000 followers, how many of them could you bring back to Webtalk for me? a few right?

This is why Viiral legends are offering you 10 levels of followers, we want to see many of you setting up your profile on this platform with a call to action to join you on Webtalk, with your Webtalk link on your bio, then simply post regularly some value able content and invite 10 of your friends to do the same.

Now, what will happen if your friends like it? well they will more than likely invite some more friends to join, but the best part about this is now their friends are following you too, and this continues down 10 levels.

Things are very early with this platform, so taking advantage early is key! I do not like writing very much so here is a video to help explain more...

I hope to see you on the inside! This blog was written by Scott Gerrard

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