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Lets talk about revenue

As you all are aware our foundations are set and they are strong.

The last year of Webtalk Legends was all about setting foundations designed to grow us as Webtalk grows, by helping everyone inside the Webtalk platform.

This has been a huge success, every day there are more and more members joining Webtalk, from the last update of just how many are joining from RJ, the CEO about the growth of Webtalk, the number was around 100k per month.

This is a lot of traffic that we have now tapped into, not only did we tap into this traffic but the foundations we have set to do so, "work passively"

Our channel is ranking with so many Webtalk questions on Webtalk, meaning new members are finding us easily the moment they search any Webtalk questions online

Our site is helpful for both the most experienced Webtalkers, and the beginners, so once we are found from answering Webtalk questions, we are then very often shared around by the members that have come across us, to be able to help their referral network.

We spent countless hours, trial and error, a lot of money, and much more to get ourselves into this position, and have come out the other end as one of the most known brands inside the Webtalk Platform!

This was planned, and strategically laid out, our foundations are specifically designed to grow us, as Webtalk grows, and that is now a reality.

Now that's said and done, we are beginning to work on our goals for 2022, bringing us to today's topic, "Revenue"

We have recently added to our site, Google AdSense, and we have also added a Patreon.

P.S. members of our Patreon get early access and are already aware of everything that is going on, If you want to be a part of an insider group and be added to the wall of Legends, JOIN PATREON

These two revenue streams that are now coming to us are just the beginning of many more to come, and the best part is, they are also for "YOU"

Currently, within our Patreon group and Webtalk Legends content creators, we are working on a platform that is designed for us to share 80% of all of our revenue back to you, our current revenue, and our future revenue.

There is a lot of work to be done yet and our current predicted completion time is July 2022!

We are designing this platform so that everyone is able to get a piece up to a maximum of $5000 AUD per month, per person.

With this, we are also collaborating with many other entrepreneurs, programmers, content creators, etc. To make sure we have all the help and skills needed, as this is uncharted waters for many of us and the structure of the platform we are building has never been done before, so it's not as simple as it may seem.

July is the predicted date, but this could be earlier or later, depending on our growth, collaborations, and support we raise between now and then.

To help speed our process, please support us here on Patreon 80% will be coming straight back the moment our platform is launched and shared with all of our supporters, but if you are in no position to help out this way...

You can also help speed the process by subscribing and being active to our YouTube channel. This channel once monetized is another stream of income you will be getting a share of 80% of the revenue from once our platform is built.

If you want to learn more about what we are creating, by becoming Patreon you can come to our fortnightly live Zoom calls, where we share in detail everything that is going on behind the scenes at Webtalk Legends

P.S, want to blow up Your income on Webtalk? Get your team involved with Webtalk Legends as early as possible, because what is coming is going to be insane!

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