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The Legends Projects

Introducing The Foundation

If you have been in Webtalk lately you would have seen the name learn with legends getting around, and for good reason too...

Learn with legends is a new online marketing/training platform, built like nothing you have ever seen before!

The members of Learn with legends work as a team, with recruiting, content creation, building income streams, and much more. It is all about self-development and is built for the people.

If you are on Webtalk, chances are you joined the platform to either earn or build your network, the first thing Learn with legends works on when you join is exactly that, building your network and helping you earn more on Webtalk.

Well that's enough about the platform because if I keep trying to explain how much it offers we are going to be here all day, so let's talk about "how it is the foundations to the legends projects", to do this I want to introduce to you our newest addiction to the project's, Unifying Legends

Unifying Legends is a new social media platform that we are building, we are adding to and improving this platform with the intent to one day be as good if not better than the platform you know as Facebook.

Unifying Legends is unique as it is just one of many platforms that have been created and many more that will be created that 80% of the revenue goes into the learn with legends platform.

What this does is creates a compounding effect, not of just new members but new members that want to see Unifying legends become the best platform online. If this one platform succeeds so do members on the learn with legends platform, it is "kind of" like owning a share of a platform without having to pay for it. So how does this benefit the platform?

Well, when members are on other social media platforms, they are posting with the intent of self-gain. Whereas on our platform, all the LWL members benefit most if they post with the intent to make the platform more attractive, more educational, and more inspiring, as anything that helps the platform succeed benefits us all.

There have been business modules similar but the biggest mistake they have made is attached the earning aspect to the platform, this subconsciously alters the way members will post, they want to earn more so they will post in such a way that "they can earn more" and not so much in a way that helps the greater good, i.e. the platform itself.

If you would like to learn a little more about this platform here is a great short article for you to read. Read Here

Anyway I don't want to keep you too much longer, just wanted to give a quick introduction to some of what we have been up to, if you want to stay well informed, please be sure to follow me on webtalk, as I do give a lot more information in my feed

This is just a short intro of two of many more projects we are working on!

Thank you for reading, you can find more here Scott Gerrard

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