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Webtalk Legends 2022

Happy New Year!

This year with Webtalk Legends there will be many changes, as Webtalk improves we need to as well, staying ahead of this online world is essential to have long-term success especially when we are doing it as a team!

As you know I have been using my main Webtalk feed to keep you up to date with what is happening with Webtalk Legends, unfortunately, many are missing out as they do not receive the notifications, so one of the first changes you will notice is a new blog, what you are reading here.

This is going to allow me to have my "Webtalk feed" back for posting content you all enjoy, and also have the blog as a way to keep you updated with Webtalk Legends.

These blogs will be emailed out to everyone that has subscribed to our site and will improve in time, giving more value as we grow!

Now I have explained the blog, If you do not wish to receive these emails there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of your email.

"Please unsubscribe, do not mark it as spam" as it will limit the amount of those wanting it from receiving.

As of now, I plan to get back to posting on our channel sometime this week, currently, I am setting out and planing multiple things, but I assure you it won't be much longer for the next video!

I thank all our supporters that are sticking with us through these early stages, as it is only a vision at the moment and it is because of you the vision is turning into a reality.

And lastly, have you seen our new challenges yet?

This one is to get seen and grow to your first 1000 followers on Webtalk And this one is to help you build an income on Webtalk at these early stages.

And again thank you for your lasting support! We also have now a contact page on our Website, feel free to reach out here.

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