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Is it time to come back to Webtalk?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Well to answer the question in short, YES!

I myself have been a member of Webtalk for 3 years now, watching this new start up grow from the early stages until now has been a ride that I will never forget, but in the last 6 months of the year 2022, the speed of development and progress has over 10x.

Now that I have mentioned 10x, just recently it was announced that Webtalk has raise over 25 million in capital from investors that will be used in growth and development moving forward, and it just so happens some of the investment has come from Cardone Ventures

That's right from the company that Co founder and chairman is none other than Grant Cardone. Grant is well known for on of his bestselling books "The 10X Rule" After writing this book Grant then launched the 10X Growth Conference beginning in 2017 and this three-day event quickly become one the world’s largest business and entrepreneur conferences, with his third annual event drawing in over 35,000 people

But don't take my word for it, have a listen to the last webinar from RJ Garbowicz/CEO of Webtalk in his last Webinar.

Now when it comes to investing into Webtalk, no member needs to be left behind, so before we move from this topic, if you would like to invest, please take this survey to let Webtalk know that it is worth going ahead with their crowd funding campaign SURVEY

What other updates are coming in the world of Webtalk?

Webtalk has recently launched a new popup chat module for the web app in preparation for launching new chat features such as; media sharing, group chat, chat search, and the PRO autoresponder and are continuing to develop their chat application that will also integrate audio and video calling as well as virtual meetings.

There is also talks that very soon they are releasing a new “Auto-Share” function that will highlight public posts that your connections have liked and commented on, starting with people tagged as a favorite or given high news values.

Giving top creators even more capacity to go viral in Webtalk. They are also releasing a new “Suggested” service that will highlight top content creators in Webtalk to follow with goal to help top creators grow their audiences faster in Webtalk.

One of the biggest upcoming improvements you will notice is the localization of our search engines including… Site search, Discover search, People You May Know search, and even Follower list searches.

Webtalks goal is to help you connect with people you already know using Webtalk as well as interesting people who live nearby you to help you grow your network. In the coming weeks they plan to release a new Find & Invite contacts platform that includes a new endorsement service coupled with a recommendations search that will allow you to search through the recommendations of the people in your network.

They have already made huge improvements to the mobile apps, Rewards app, and Chat platform this year, and there is many more BIG improvements coming in 2022!

This blog was written by Scott Gerrard, if you got value or wish to stay updated with Webtalk news please subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for reading!

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