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Roy Solheim

Digital Entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. Writing about my passions in life on my blogs and am interested in helping people succeed in creating their own space and online business opportunities on the Internet.

I have a long career as a pilot and officer in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, doing manly search and rescue missions for the national rescue services. I have also been flying some years for Norsk Helicopter (now Bristow Helicopters, Norway) transporting offshore workers to their rigs in the North Sea.

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Whatever stage you are at in your online marketing journey, everybody has room for improvement to scale their business

As an experienced online marketer, I feel obligated to share what I learn as well as love feedback from others so I can continue learning.


For this reason, I blog, by blogging I am able to share in great detail so much helpful advice and lessons that all marketers can benefit from...


You can check it out here! 

Getting Traffic

MARKETING PLAN concept with Wooden Blocks.jpg

The Walker way

  • Attract unlimited BUYER leads... READY with credit card in hand!

  • Works great for BEGINNERS and EXPERIENCED marketers alike!

  • DOMINATE any affiliate offer like a pro... TOP the leaderboards!

  • Successful ORGANIC marketing... without the BURNOUT!

  • NEVER pay for traffic ever again... enjoy ZERO advertising costs!

  • MONEY BACK guarantee if not 100% completely satisfied!

From being an online marketer for quite some time now, there are a few important parts of the journey you must come to fully understand that I have come to realize, most want to avoid.


Most marketers, just want a link, then share the link around and they have very high expectations of the results, this leads to them letting themselves done over and in many cases leads to quitting.

If you are here reading this, I don't want you to quit or give up and that is why I want you to learn the simple, effective and some will say boring part of marketing first...

There is a good reason for this, you could ask anyone in any profession, let's look at a boxer, do you think the coach is going to throw an amature in with a pro, or first make him do many hours with boring practice.

Well online marketing does not take countless hours to learn but it does take the right training first, and that is why I want to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate

A platform designed for online marketers to succeed with all the tools and training to help

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