Shanon Gerrard

 I have been earning an income online for quite some time now, during this time I have come across my fair share of opportunities.

Unfortunately, the majority of these were just a waste of time and in many cases a waste of money.

That is why my team and I have picked out 3 to share, these 3 all have their own personal strengths and I will explain why below.

Combining these 3 platforms,and staying consistent with them has the ability to earn you money as soon as today, and also create a wealthy and abundant future!

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 Learn & Earn Now 


Learn With Legends

Earn while you learn!

Learn with Legends is an online training platform.

From creating an account you are given instant access to a lot of online training.

You are also able to earn by sharing this platform with your friends or from the training you just received from joining.

Because the training is very hands-on from the CEO, it makes this platform a lot easier than most to begin to work for you!

This platform was added to this list as everyone wants to earn money, and this one has proven to do so time and time again.

 Build Your Network 


No matter what you do online you are going to want to grow your book of business!

You can do this many different ways and on many different social media platforms, but with Webtalk the network you build here is going to be a lot more valuable than anywhere else.

Webtalk is a platform much like other social network platforms except a few improved technologies, and they share their revenue with their users.

Because of this, most of the Webtalk members are into earning online already, they are knowledgeable, driven and stay consistent, making them a very valuable asset to any business.

This platform was added to the list as while you are building a network here for the other platforms, it is a valuable network and you are also get paid for your time.


Invest Into Your Future 


7k Metals

Now that you are earning money, let's grow it!

Did you know the value of money decreases over time due to inflation? 

Well it does, this is why some of the wealthiest people in the world invest into assets, (something that increases in value over time)

One asset that has proven to stand the test of time is hard metals.

This platform is a great way for you to collect gold and silver in the form of collectible coins, that are securely tucked away where ever you wish.

The reason this platform is on the list is because, we have given you a way to earn something, we have given you a way to increase your earnings...


 and now this is a way you can save some of what you earn in one of the safest forms known, that increases over time.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice, these above are simply platforms I use myself.

From my experience, these platforms have worked for hand in hand to get me to where I am now, I can not guarantee any personal results