Solange Tremblay

I have been a flight attendant for 28 years , and I am now ready to build my freedom , my dreams , thanks to an amazing opportunity I joined with Jesper Nielsen Jewelry ♥️

My motivation it to build an empire and help people build theirs !

I want to inspire people ! I want people to come to me and tell me cause of you , I didn’t give up I am here
Come be apart of this amazing journey

Jesper Nielsen Jewelry

Jesper Nielsen is a direct-to-consumer Brand, with Fantastic High-Quality fine Jewelry at Amazing Prices. With the opportunity for all to become involved, by becoming an ambassador or leader. We give you the opportunity to sell directly through your own detailing web shop or ladies' night retailing events.

 At Jesper Nielsen, we want to give the consumer high-quality fine Jewellery, but at affordable prices by using our Ambassador network to sell directly to the consumer.

We would like to give you the opportunity to be part of this journey – a journey that gives every ambassador the freedom and opportunity to start their own business and thus realize their own dreams.