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Social Media


This new Social media platform is the first platform to be partnered with Learn With Legends. All companies that are partnered with us share their revenue, meaning the bigger this platform grows the better LWL gets and the revenue amount added to the pool increases.


We All Can Work Together

The Platform's Success: The beautiful thing about Learn with legends is that it takes just one of our partnered platforms to succeed for us all to succeed, and Unifying Legends is more than likely going to be one of the first partners to do so! 

Clean Feed: Unifying Legends success is our success, so as an LWL member it is a great idea to post regularly, but as we are posting on this platform, keeping it clean and spam free is what is going to make the platform more attractive and increase the chances for other members that are outside of LWL to stay active and enjoy the feed.

Leave Business At The Door: I understand that many of you have other online earning platforms, but I ask of you to leave these at the door with this platform, when inside this platform understand, that the more attractive it is, the more you benefit from LWL

Encourage Each Other: If you see a great post that you believe is valuable for the greater good of the platform, it is a great idea to let the creator know, as keeping good content creators active and happy about their work keeps the platform more attractive for others to also work on and developed theirs.

Enjoy: Enjoy scrolling the feed, and if you don't enjoy it this means many others do not either, so ask yourself what can I do to make it more enjoyable and increase the positive experience for others, if we all do this we can all enjoy the platform!

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