We are in Beta!

We are currently testing payment integration, commission plans, and anything to do with funds, transfers, donations, etc. If you would like to help us you can add money to your accounts and subscribe to premium practice transferring to each other, withdrawals, etc, please report any issues you run into, in our private Facebook msg group!

Thank you all that are participating! 

Currently, those of you that are on this platform before the launch are testing the platform, there are services sold within this platform, and the data we are collecting is can we deliver the services

Currently, online services are being tested, we have also begun testing the online, payment structures, withdrawals, and next month's distribution 

Note: the platform is not live until everything has been tested, registered as an Australian company, and approved as lawful by an Australian business lawyer.

This may be exciting but rushing into launch could end up being shut down or face penalty causes it to be even longer