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1 post a day Challenge

A challenge does not need to be complicated and staying consistent with this one will help you grow on Webtalk, your health, your productivity, and more. We have left out the weekend as we want you to enjoy that and reflect back on this week's achievements. To see the requirements for each day's challenges click on today's picture.

Webtalk challenges 

Let's make this fun!!!

This page will be full of challenges, the challenges will be both fun and productive, increasing referral network size and following size for the members that get involved. 

Challenge Accepted!!

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Webtalk's Landing page and lead capture challenge 


this challenge is designed to give you the basic skills needed to capture prospects for Webtalk.


You will need Wix to complete this challenge you can sign up here free


This challenge had a competition, many others also will

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Challenge winners

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