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WTL is a project-based token that will allow the Webtalk Legends team to give back to active Webtalker's and Webtalk Legends supporters, our token will grow in use cases and we will be able to give back more as Webtalk Legends grows.

WTL is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network, anyone that wishes to buy hold, or sell will need an Ethereum wallet, there is a total of 10 billion tokens.

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Stacks of Coins

Coin Giveaways

We want to do more give-aways and our coin is going to allow us to do just that. Most altcoins have airdrops prior to launch so they can be well known. We are not much different, except we are giving back to those that are actively engaged with Webtalk and Webtalk Legends.

Buy Back 

 Those who truly believe in our project will hold onto and even purchase more coins, while others will sell theirs, to decrease the effects of the sellers we are going to be using a large part of our revenue to buy back what gets sold, the larger we get the more we can buyback.

Need to Buy Now
Concept of earning and spending money. Dice form the word "earn" placed on stacks of coins

Earn Coins

Early to Mid 2022, we plan to have on our platform a way for you to complete simple tasks to earn more coins, these tasks will be as simple as viewing monitised content or even clicking on an ad. The idea of this to increase the revenue that we use to buy back our coins. 

So what makes WTL so different?

  WTL is literally the opposite of most altcoins, other altcoins are designed in a way to raise money for the creators, they create the coin you buy the coin they sell the coin!

Well, not us... The backbone of this whole operation is a soon to be viral Youtube channel, soon-to-be thanks to smart marketing tactics and this coin, with our Youtube channel we are using 70% of the revenue to buy more WTL, we are than giving 80% of the coins we buy to our supporters and sending the other 20% back to the contract address so we can buy it again!

This keeps our coin increasing in price and makes it impossible for us creators to dump on our supporters, by sending 20% back each time we are buying more than our supporters are selling, making it a safer investment for our holders and a consistent income for the ones selling.

That's right this coin will be in time, the first ever free global payment system, and the bigger our channel grows, the more our coin increases in value!

Road Map

Giving over $10k in coins a month

2022, Q2

Listed on all major exchanges

2022, Q4

Listed as top 100 CoinMarketcap

2023, Q2

Listed as top 10 CoinMarketcap

2023, Q4

2022, Q1

Listed on CoinMarketCap

2022, Q3

Automatic transfers to all our supporters

2023, Q1

Giving over $100k in coins a month

2023, Q3

Announcement of a new platform 
To Increase the price and the amount we give, subscribe to and spread our channel
Together we will make history!!