WTL Coin

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Stacks of Coins

Coin Giveaways

We want to do more give-aways and our coin is going to allow us to do just that. Most altcoins have airdrops prior to launch so they can be well known. We are not much different, except we are giving back to those that are actively engaged with Webtalk and Webtalk Legends.

 Those who truly believe in our project will hold onto and even purchase more coins, while others will sell theirs, to decrease the effects of the sellers we are going to be using a large part of our revenue to buy back what gets sold, the larger we get the more we can buyback.

Need to Buy Now

Buy Back 

Concept of earning and spending money. Dice form the word "earn" placed on stacks of coins

Earn Coins

Early to Mid 2022, we plan to have on our platform a way for you to complete simple task to earn more coins, these task will be as simple as viewing monitised content or even clicking on an ad. The idea of this to increase the revenue that we use to buy back our coins. 

Handshake between black and white human woman and male hands with the message text Standin

Supporting Minorities 

Mid to Late 2022, we plan to have this coin functioning well, updated use cases, roadmaps, and services that we offer, at this time we will be donating large amounts to certain severe affecter minority groups that are stuck in horrific situations all over the world.